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Somatic Therapy

Somatic Therapy 

Somatic Therapist

Meet Tori Your Online Somatic Practitioner

You’ve gained insights about yourself through talk therapy, but your mental health is still suffering? 

Mental understanding is not enough to make real changes, we need to feel and heal the emotions and beliefs from where they were first experienced, the body.

Early life experiences and childhood trauma can create patterns in how we think, perceive ourselves, and behave in social situations, which can block our ability to feel.

Often, the early emotions and needs of children are unconsciously repressed, and coping styles are developed to maintain security and attachment in childhood relationships. In attempts to avoid feeling pain, we separate from our authentic selves and often self-soothe or seek self-worth through other means.

This resulting separation, along with negative coping behaviours, thoughts, and beliefs, can cause a strong mind-body disconnection that impacts your hormones, gut, inflammation, and cell health. The blocked energy can also negatively affect the organs associated with that chakra or meridian. Both can result in physical symptoms and disease.

Somatic therapy brings you back into the body to feel the emotions you have been avoiding. Miraculous changes occur when you express what has been repressed and become aware of how it is driving your life and self-belief. Getting out of your head and back into your body is an essential step in healing.

When you connect and listen to your body you gain wisdom and awareness of the root cause of your health struggles. Through this trauma healing process you will gain self compassion and acceptance re-connecting with vulnerable parts that were locked away long ago.

Please come with an intention for our session and be for a transformative journey. All sessions are 60 mins although a session may go over to allow it to come to a natural close.

Somatic Therapy will benefit anyone struggling with depression, anxiety, addiction, self loathing, social anxiety or illness. 

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Somatic Therapy FAQs
What does somatic mean?

Somatic" comes from the Greek word "soma," which means "body." So, when we talk about "somatic," it means we are using the the body to learn and grow.
How many somatic therapy sessions do you need?
You will gain a lot from one session however only you will know when you no longer need a therapist as your journey is unique to you. My goal is for you to heal in as few sessions as possible.

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