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Alternative Cancer Treatment
Alternative Cancer Treatment NZ

Alternative Cancer Treatment NZ

Cancer and Emotions - Find the root cause of cancer & serious illness

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There are many alternative cancer treatments our there and thankfully I have been fortunate enough to have not needed to go down that route of exploring every alternative. I empathise with anyone in this position and only wish you so much love and support on your journey. I have listed resources on alternative cancer treatment centers, post cancer retreats, health retreats and the best diet for cancer patients below. 

My special interest lies in the correlation between cancer and emotions and the emotional connection to other serious illness.  Having experienced and recovered through the emotional correlation to my own illness, and helping many clients work through the emotional element of their illnesses, I know it is worthy of being explored in relation to any serious illness. 


Emotional repression is a common issue that arises from early life events that cause you to disassociate from your emotions and relegate them to the unconscious realm as a means of survival or to maintain security and attachment in early childhood relationships.


Repressed emotions often lead to protective coping styles that are used as a means to avoid feeling hurt and pain, but ironically result in more suffering. The stress caused by repressed emotions and protective coping styles can have a negative impact on our hormones, cells, and genetic expression. Prolonged time spent in the survival response down regulates repair and growth and allows undesirable genetic expression to dominate leading to physical illness, pain, and disease. Our sessions utilise the Real-Self Emotional Healing Process and Compassionate Inquiry to get to the root of the emotional repression and express what needs to be expressed. This is a journey back into your body, your feelings and the authentic you.

Often a 2 hr Root Cause Session is enough to identify the emotional link to your illness and begin the road to recovery. However, repressed emotions take time to untangle. I recommend an 18 hr Transformative Mentorship to help you well on your path to healing.

Book a 2-Hr Root Cause Session - $180 (can be deducted from a mentorship)

Book an 18-Hr Root Cause Mentorship - $1,440

(payment plans available)

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Alternative Cancer Treatment NZ:

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