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Tori is your trusted Mind and Body Practitioner helping people re-connect mind, body and soul around NZ

Discover the root cause of your health or life challenges by exploring the mind body connection. This is helpful for all people around NZ suffering from physical illness, mental illness, or  addiction.


The Mind and Body are indivisible parts of a whole person being a two way communication between your thoughts and your feelings.  Your feelings are a bodily experience which directly influence your endocrine system that is responsible for changing your blood chemistry and influencing all of your bodily systems.


Past trauma and difficult current situations are registered in the body and can be addressed through the body. Emotional repression results usually from an early life event that causes us to disassociate from our emotions and relegate them to the unconscious realm as a means of maintaining security and attachment in our early childhood relationships.


In an attempt to avoid our pain, we adapt our behaviour and try to find what is missing from our external world rather than our inner world, which can result in more emotional suffering.


Often past trauma is triggered by a stressful situation in the present and we are unconsciously spun into flight, fight or freeze as we disconnect from our essence. The stress on our body and energy blocks within our body can result in physical symptoms, illness and disease.

Illness is therefore an opportunity to explore the mind body dis-connection and understand the struggles that call to be released.

Experience the incredible self-awareness and inner freedom that results from releasing these emotions and re-connecting to the truth of who you are.

Book 1hr Mind and Body Session - $90

Book 1hr Mind and Body Session x 3 - $240

Mind Body NZ
Mind and Body Connection

Benefits of exploring the Mind and Body connection

  • Release repressed emotion and trauma

  • Reduce stress and the fight or flight response

  • Balance Hormones

  • Resolve addictions

  • Reduce digestive issues and physical symptons

  • Connect to your personal guidance system

  • Repair relationships

  • Find true self-worth and self-trust

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