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Women's Health Clinic

Tori offers an exceptional Women's Health Clinic online in Christchurch and around NZ packed with women's health education, self-help tools and somatic counselling that will help you transform your health and life.








Benefits of the Women's Health Clinic 

  • Learn to balance your homes naturally

  • Balance blood sugar

  • Increase energy and vitality

  • Understand the mind body connections to your symptoms

  • Eliminate menstrual pain and physical symptoms

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Improve digestion

  • Learn stress busting tools

  • Bring unconscious stresses to the surface

  • Understand where your energy is leaking

  • Re-connect to your personal guidance system

  • Be heard and understood

  • Support and compassion

Modalities: Tori uses a combination of nutrition coaching, life coaching, mindfulness, trauma counselling, and mind body techniques to get the root cause of your health challenges. Unconscious stress plays a huge role in women's health and is often deeply rooted in unconscious thought patterns, limiting beliefs, repressed emotions and coping styles which keep you living in fight or flight and prevent you from healing regardless of your diet and supplement intake. This type of internal stress negatively impacts your hormones, digestion, and overall cell health leading to inflammation, illness, and disease.

Not sure which to choose? Book a complimentary chat to learn more.

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The Women's Health Clinic Mentorship allows you to implement nutritional and lifestyle changes  while experiencing the highs and lows of everyday life with a guide to hold you to account and explore and release barriers and blockages along the way. Many of Tori's clients have achieved incredible results by taking this journey by combatting digestive issues, hormonal issues,  weight loss, illness, depression & anxiety all while learning tools to connect deeply to their essence.

Women's Health Clinic

Resources for Women's Health

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