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Counselling Christchurch & Online Counselling NZ

Wellness Therapy offers online illness counselling, guidance counselling, mental health counselling and somatic therapy.

You’ve gained insights about yourself through talk therapy, but still suffering with the same thoughts, triggers and life struggles?

Mental understanding is not enough to make real changes, we need to feel and heal the emotions and beliefs from where they originated, the body.

Somatic therapy is incorporated into all counselling sessions to allow you to heal and transform at a rapid rate. "Somatic" comes from the Greek word "soma," which means "body." So, when we talk about "somatic," it means we are using the the body to learn and grow.

Somatic therapy involves the exploration of emotions and beliefs that are stored in the body that keep us reacting to the present from the past. Somatic practices offer an experiential path to reestablishing your connection with your body and self worth. Through this process, you'll transcend mere theoretical understanding and actively engage in listening to your body, nurturing and honouring its wisdom. 

A body that's free from tension and constraints facilitates a sense of peace, calmness, and clarity in the mind. By addressing and healing the body, the mind naturally follows, leading to a harmonious state of well-being.

Please come with an intention for the session and be open to an incredibly insightful and healing experience.

Book a 1hr Counselling session -$90

Book 3 x 1 hr Counselling sessions - $240

(payment options available)

somatic therapy, counselling christchurch

Counselling in Christchurch NZ

 Online Counselling offers a confidential and safe space to support clients through difficulties and gain a better understanding of themselves.  Finding your own space where others cannot hear you is best if you are doing your counselling online.


Early life experiences and childhood trauma can create patterns in how we think, perceive ourselves, and behave in social situations that can block our ability to feel.

Often the early emotions and needs of children are unconsciously repressed and coping styles developed in order to maintain security and attachment in childhood relationships. In attempts to not to feel the pain we separate from our authentic self and often self soothe or attempt to find self worth through other means.

The resulting separation, negative coping behaviours, negative thoughts and beliefs can cause a strong mind body disconnection that impacts your hormones, gut, inflammation and cell health. The blocked energy can also negatively impact the organs associated with that chakra or meridian. Both can result in physical symptoms and disease.

Somatic therapy brings you back into the body to feel the emotions you have been avoiding. Miraculous changes occur when you express what has been repressed and become aware of how it is driving your life and self-belief. Getting out of your head and back into your body is an essential step in healing.

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