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Health and Wellness Coach

Are you ready to approach your physical and mental health from a holistic view point?

Wellness Therapy combines Nutrition Therapy, Counselling and Health & Wellness coaching to gain insight and take steps towards resolving common mental and physical complaints, such as: low energy, brain fog, leaky gut, inflammation, hormone imbalance, weight issues, indigestion, constipation, auto-immune conditions, cancer,  serious illness, depression, anxiety, mental health and addiction.

Explore the mind body connection and gain health and harmony from within. 

Wellness Coach NZ
Holistic nutrition, health coach, wellness coach

Online Health and Wellness Coaching for people around New Zealand

Your health and wellness matters. Strengthen your wellbeing with online Holistic Nutrition, Counselling and Health & Wellness Coaching from anywhere in New Zealand or around the world.

Meet Tori your dedicated Health and Wellness Practitioner

Tori's mission is to help you live your happiest and fullest life  by offering bespoke wellness plans that combine both mind and body healing.
Whether you a wishing to heal past trauma, mental health, illness or just eat better, there is a mind and body element to all of our challenges.

Tori combines Embodied Counselling with Somatic Practices, Integrative Nutrition and Wellness Coaching (where applicable) to help you achieve sustainable results.

Kate, NZ


"Working with Tori has been life changing for me.  When I reached out to Tori’s ad in the Cancer Society Facebook page I was feeling pretty low. I had been dealing with a recurrence where my cancer had spread to my lungs.  It was serious and I had been in treatment for over 6 months.  It was tough and I was finding it hard to deal with living in limbo, not being able to make plans and my usual positivity was starting to disappear.  Everything revolved around treatment and I was just surviving.  I want to be thriving and enjoying life.

The most invaluable part of the process in my sessions with Tori was going through the steps.  Making sure that when issues came up I dealt with them rather than suppress them.  I learned to feel the emotions and work through why I was feeling that way.  I now do this effortlessly and I feel empowered in my relationships.  I am much better at voicing clearly my needs.  A person has the right to say no but being clear on what you need and putting your priorities first are vital.

I feel in control of my life now and I have very little stress at the moment.  I feel positive again and truly believe I will beat this recurrence and my cancer will be NED for good.  I’ve started making plans again and see a wonderful future ahead of me.

The biggest takeaways from this amazing process are I only have to worry about me.  I’m not responsible for others and don’t need to take on their issues.  How to clearly communicate my needs and know I am worthy of these needs being met.   And making sure I go through the process and allow myself to feel all the emotions that arise and working through them not suppress them.

I can not say enough about how Tori has helped me to get to the point I am at now.

I highly recommend her Emotional Healing Process, especially to anyone going through cancer treatment".

Pera, NZ

"How you feel before we started working together?

A little lost and wanting to heal the things that were bothering me from the past. So that i could move forward in alignment with my best self. 

How do you feel now after working together?

Like a new person! Trusting so much more in the process and what is meant for me rather than being sidetracked by the fight and flight. 

What were your top 3 goals and was I able to help you work towards these?

Top 3 goals were to deal with my inflammation especially in relation to food and environmental impacts, work through past traumas and continue in trusting wholly that what is meant for me will be - moving out of the people pleasing version of myself. 

The biggest tangible change you have noticed since the beginning of the program?

Trust and understanding/feeling safer - after deepening my inner child connection/healing. 


The most significant overall change you have noticed?

Conscious self - calmer and more empowered. More connected. Health and inflammation seriously lessened/gone some days - 0 side effects unlike i used to have!


How you would describe me and who you would recommend this program too?

"Tori is just magical. She holds the most divine space for people to come and heal/understand the life that they are creating for themselves. How they can achieve the vision that they are seeking to live the best versions of themselves, mind, body, emotion and soul aligned. This experience has been life changing - i would recommend Tori to anyone that is ready to heal/work on their past/presen emotional/physical/spiritual/mental bodies to live a more aligned and fulfilling life. "

Sasha, NZ

"When I met Tori I was feeling really drained and felt anxious and on edge. My hormones were out of balance and I was struggling with digestive issues.


Since working with Tori I have realised the fears and limiting beliefs behind my stress and how it was affecting my body. I now check in with my body and respect my limitations.


I have a lot more energy and no more hormones or tummy problems. I also have started running and feel fitter than I have in a long time. I thoroughly recommend working with Tori".

You’re in safe hands

I have a deep understanding of trauma and can adapt all treatments and techniques to create a personalised approach that ensures your safety and comfort.

I can’t wait to meet you and guide you to wellness.



Legal Disclaimer: We want to make it clear that the information provided in our Website, Programs, Products and Services is not meant to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment that can be provided by a certified Medical Provider, Mental Health Provider, registered dietitian or licensed nutritionist. As a health coach, we are not claiming to be a Medical Provider, Mental Health Provider, registered dietician or licensed nutritionist, or member of the clergy. Instead, we offer educational and training services as a coach, mentor, trainer, and guide.

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